Mona Lisa was in a 7-year live-in with a man her father's age, past Jhuma Baudi.

Antara Biswas, does the name sound familiar? Many may not say. But there are very few people who do not know the Mona Lisa. The real name of the Mona Lisa is Antara. Although the Bhojpuri film is a 'sensation', in fact she is a very young Bengali girl. His popularity skyrocketed after Heichai's popular webseries 'Dupur Thakurpo'. The popularity of the series can be understood from the fact that ‘Jhuma Baudi’ was in the minds of Thakurpods.

Mona Lisa, who has acted in more than 130 Bhojpuri films, is also very popular on social media for her hotness as well as celluloid. From sari and bikini to western clothes, she is perfect to make a storm in the hearts of fans This time a chapter of this actress's past came out publicly. Which has already caused a storm on social media.

It is known that at the beginning of his career, he was in a live-in relationship with a divorced man named Madan. He had been in that relationship for 6 years in a row and then he came out of it. He has already been able to turn the limelight on himself from the B grade picture.

Mona Lisa later became involved with Bikrant Singh Rajput. They got married in 2016. But Mona Lisa did not open her mouth about past relationships.