Modi government's big initiative; In 2021, drinking water will reach every house

The Modi government took big initiatives for the common people of Jammu and Kashmir. In all the areas of Kashmir where drinking water problem is most evident, drinking water will reach every household by December 2021 under the Water Life Mission.

The Union Territory Public Health Engineering Department has been working day and night to make this project a success. The Modi government has said that all families in Jammu and Kashmir will benefit from the project. Currently, Srinagar and Budgam districts are under this mission.

The main goal of the Modi government behind the Jal Jeevan Mission is to provide drinking water to every household by 2022. The central government has allocated Rs 6,000 crore for the project. Of this, Rs 4,000 crore has been allocated for Kashmir alone.

“We aim to have water for everyone by 2022,” said a Water Department official. We plan to supply pipeline water to every area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir by December 2021.

There are water supply problems in many parts of Jammu and Kashmir. Even though water was provided by car for so long, it was not enough. So the locals have welcomed this new initiative of the Modi government.

Incidentally, after taking away the special rights of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the central government has focused on the development of this state. The internet system is also being streamlined in several areas


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