Miscreants looted millions of rupees worth of jewelery using sanitizers in shop, video goes viral on Netdunia

BanglaHunt Desk: As soon as he entered the shop, he first sanitized his hand, then took out a gun. They looted jewelery and cash worth lakhs of rupees out of fear. Recently, such a viral video has been circulating on social media, the content of which is a bit like this.

The use of masks in corona air has now become mandatory. Just like everyone doesn't forget to wear a mask before going out, but before they go to any shop, they are spraying sanitizer and checking the temperature somewhere. Similarly, in a gold shop in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, everyone who came to the shop was giving sanitizer to kill germs. But at the same time, a group of miscreants entered the shop disguised as buyers with sanitizers in their hands.

Store robbery video goes viral

Recently, a video of a gold shop in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, went viral on social media. It can be seen that the employees of the shop opened the shop on that day as usual. One or two customers were also inside the shop. After a while, a person comes to the shop and is given a sanitizer by a shop worker. Then two more entered behind. They were all wearing masks.

As soon as he entered the shop, he pulled out a gun from his waist and looted everything from the shop. They also looted cash from the store's cash box, including all the jewelery from the store, as seen on the store's CCTV cameras. Residents of Net Para have been amazed to see the viral video of this health awareness of the thieves even in Corona Ahab.

He looted jewelery worth lakhs of rupees

According to the shop authorities, the miscreants fled with gold jewelery worth around Rs 4 million and Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 in cash. In the current corona atmosphere, everyone is wearing a mask, so it is possible to recognize them properly. However, after lodging a complaint with the Aligarh police station, the police have launched an investigation into the CCTV footage of the shop.


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