Mimi looked at the eyes, obscene gestures! Trinamool MPs filed a complaint against the taxi driver

BanglaHunt Desk: Trinamool (TMC) MP Mimi Chakraborty himself has been the victim of criticism this time. The arrow of complaint is towards a taxi driver. Mimi faced this situation while going to Goriyahat from Baliganj outpost last night. He lodged a complaint against the taxi driver at the police station on the same night. The accused has been arrested.

It is learned that Mimi was returning home from Baliganj outpost at night after completing the gym. Only his driver was with him in the car. Mimi alleged that the taxi driver made ugly gestures towards her at that time. He lodged a defamation suit with Gariahat police station at night.

In the words of the Trinamool MP, “When I was returning from the gym last night, it was just me and my driver. The gym is very close to my house. When I was returning at night, I suddenly saw a taxi driver looking at me and gesturing at me. At first I thought maybe it was a coinage. So I didn't pay attention. But I saw that the taxi overtook my car and came forward and started making dirty gestures again. ”

Mimi added, “When I did it again, one thing came to my mind that if I let her go, she wouldn't be safe if a girl got in her car at night. Even though I was alone, I had to stop him. So I told my driver to overtake his car. Then I grabbed the taxi driver and gave him what I taught him. He was arrested in the middle of the night. He is now in police custody. He will be produced in court. ”

In Mimi's words, “If I had let her go today, she would have had the eyes today, the dirty gestures, the tomorrow and the courage to touch a girl.” Mimi also thanked the Kolkata police. His FIR was launched at night to lodge a complaint.

Mimi Chakraborty lodged a complaint of indecency at Gariahat police station last night. The taxi driver was arrested from Uttar Panchanna village in Anandapur police station area. His taxi has been detained.

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