Millions of people took to the streets of Karachi calling for Pakistan to be free of Shia

Bangla Hunt Desk: Imran Khan's persecution of Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan is rampant. But this time the people of that country have also become bloodthirsty to the Muslims. The only difference is that these Muslims are a minority like any other community. The persecution of the Shia community in Sunni-majority Pakistan has escalated to such an extent that if it continues for a few more years, the Shia community will almost disappear from Pakistan.

Pakistan's fundamentalists are constantly poisoning the Shia community. And this poison will completely wipe out the Shia community from the soil of Pakistan. Some such scenes surfaced from Pakistan on Friday. There, millions of anti-Shia people took to the streets to call for the eradication of Shias from Pakistan. They had the slogan, “Shiites are infidels.”

This is not the first time that anger has been unleashed on Shia people in Pakistan. Conspiracies against Shiites have been going on in that country for many years, and various plans are underway to wipe them out. An organization called Sepah-e-Sahaba has recently taken on the responsibility of spreading hatred against Shiites in Pakistan.

Sipah-e-Sahaba is a militant group that seeks to remove Shiites from Pakistan. A huge procession was organized against the Shiites in Karachi on Friday. The leaders of Sipah-e-Sahaba also called for the removal of Shias from the stage.


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