Melania will leave the White House! Trump fears that his wife will also go with the post

BanglaHunt Desk: Former US President Donald Trump is going to get the grief of defeat on the one hand and the pain of leaving his wife on the other hand. As soon as he leaves the White House, the marriage between Trump and his wife Melania is about to end. The long 15-year relationship is coming to an end very soon.

It is learned that Melania, a wife of 50 years, could not have imagined that Trump, the husband of 74 years, would ever be able to take the seat of US President. Melania cried in an emotional moment when she won the Trump election in 2016 and sat in the US presidential seat. But now their 15-year relationship is about to end with the loss of the presidency.

Their relationship will end as soon as Trump leaves the White House. Stephanie Walcoff, who is close to the Trump family, claims the two have already separated in the White House. And just wait a while. Melania has started the countdown. There is nothing left about the two of them, they are coming to the bottom.

According to Omarosa Manigalt Newman, a former political adviser and former ally of Donald Trump, Melania is now counting down the hours to Trump's exit from the White House. Then their marriage ended.

Incidentally, Joe Biden has won a historic victory by defeating US President Donald Trump. The White House is now occupied by the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden. Standing in the election, he promised that he would keep everyone together, not the president who divided the country.