Manoj Tiwari is vocal about a poster outside a Hindu house in Delhi saying, “This house is for sale for fear of special religion.”

Bengali Hunt Desk: Since February 24, Delhi has been in turmoil in the name of opposition to the CAA. Even after five months, many people are still afraid of that horror. According to media reports, posters have been put up outside the homes of Hindus in Maujpur and Noor-e-Ilahi areas of Delhi for fear of special religions. That area belongs to Bababarpur assembly. Gopal Roy, a minister in the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi, has become a MLA in this assembly. North-East Delhi MP and former Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari tweeted about it. He visited the area yesterday.

Tiwari said he had written a letter to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal after visiting Maujpur and Mohanpuri in his constituency. In the letter, he called for working in harmony to maintain peace and communal harmony in the area.

In the letter, Manoj Tiwari accused the Hindus of discriminating against them. He said that after visiting the area, he came to know that in some places, for security reasons, many people have been forced to install strong gates in front of their houses with their own money. But in the adjoining area, the Delhi government has spent money to install gates in people's houses. He said in the letter that the influence of a community is more in the area. According to the victims, the local MLAs and ministers have so far not paid any compensation to them.

The letter also said that the Delhi government was providing legal benefits to people belonging to a particular community. He asked Kejriwal the reason for this discrimination. Tiwari questioned, if everyone was affected by the unrest in Delhi, then why is there discrimination in compensation? Is the government paying compensation by looking at the face?

According to a report in the Navadaya Times, Hindus in the area are fearful of the threat posed by the particular community. According to the locals, people belonging to special communities come to their houses at night and threaten them. It is to be noted that unrest spread in North East Delhi on 24 February in the name of opposition to the CAA. And this unrest was being planned since January. Police have cracked down on JNU alumnus Sharjeel Imam for fueling the unrest in Delhi. On the other hand, Umar Khalid has also been placed on the radar.



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