Mamata Sarkar received the best award of Bengali, Scotch Foundation for serving the people

BanglaHunt Desk: After 2014, 2020, Mamata Banerjee took the hand of Bengal (West Bengal) again in the hands of the honor of excellence. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's office received the award for excellence from the Scotch Foundation in Delhi. Even in the days of the Corona crisis, Ayen is the tide of a new festival.

Public Grievance System

After winning the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee introduced the Public Grievance System. The people of the state used to submit their complaints here. 7 lakh 18 thousand complaints have been received since the beginning of the system.

The Chief Minister's Office has solved 95 percent of the cases

In just one year, the newly formed office of the Chief Minister has resolved 95 per cent of the complaints. Due to which the name of Bengal rose to the top of the list of excellence.


In the interest of development of the country, the best state in terms of project implementation was selected on behalf of SKOCH FOUNDATION. Each year, the company honors ten of the best states in the country with ten rupees, three gold and one platinum.

Bengali got the highest honor

Out of 4,000 nominations across the country, this year, Bengal proudly snatched the highest honor of this organization, Platinum. The initiative of the Chief Minister of Bengal to solve the problems of the citizens is appreciated.



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