Mamata Banerjee sang the song surrendering to mother Durga, viral hall video

BanglaHunt Desk: Sometimes poetry, sometimes painting with paintbrush – this time the Chief Minister of Bengal Mamata Banerjee (mamata banerjee) sang live. In the midst of the Corona epidemic, various rules and regulations have been introduced for the protection of the people of the state. Sometimes he stands by the side of the sick patient again. The neighbor himself jumped and sent the sick patient to the hospital.

Poems and pictures of the Chief Minister

From the very beginning, the people of Bengal have never seen a poem written by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee again. In his poems, the words come back to life, as well as the protesting entity. In the same way, the canvas of the paint brush came to life with the brush tone of the Chief Minister. Almost every year during Pujo, he writes and composes the theme song of Suruchi Sangha himself.

The Chief Minister sang

This time, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was not limited to writing songs and poems. On the auspicious occasion of Mahalaya, he himself sang ‘Jago Tumi Jago Jago Durga’. Singing the song himself, the Chief Minister also shared the song from his Facebook page on the day of Mahalaya. The song went viral in an instant as soon as it was released. However, this is not the first time that on the eve of the Lok Sabha vote count in 2019, he sang in a synthesizer, “Fill your soul with thirst, give more and more life.”

Bengali is becoming

This year is different from other years. Starting from the beginning of the year with various problems, now the whole country is suffering from Corona panic. For the past several months, the corona virus has engulfed the entire world. In this crisis situation, the Chief Minister has given his opinion on Durga Pujo, even though various social events, gatherings and Pujo festivals are held in a casual manner. In his words, even on this day of doubt, the festival-loving Bengali has got a new life. Corona is preparing for Durga Pujo, the best festival of Bengalis, following the rules.


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