Mahir's six fell outside the stadium, lucky cricket fans went home with the ball, watch the video

Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has retired from all forms of international cricket a few days ago. He also did not play competitive cricket for a long year and a half. Mahendra Singh Dhoni was seen in the opening match of the IPL after 436 days. However, from the beginning of the IPL, Mahi was seen again with the bat in his glory.

Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals met in the fourth match of the IPL yesterday. In that match, a glimpse of Mahir's bat was seen. Rajasthan Royals batted first yesterday and set a target of 217 runs in front of Chennai. After a great start to meet this target, the pace of Chennai runs slowed down in the middle of the innings.

As a result, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Du Plessis took the helm of the match towards the end. Both tried hard to win Chennai but did not save in the end. Rajasthan Royals won the match. Mahir's bat caught fire at the very last moment of the match even though he could not find the rhythm at first. In the last over of the match, Mahendra Singh Dhoni hit three big sixes off three balls in a row when Rajasthan bowler Tom Quran came to bowl. In which a ball went and fell on the road outside the stadium. The ball was picked up by a cricket fan off the field and he carefully kept the ball to himself. This whole thing was captured on camera.

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