‘Mahesh Bhatt has always looked at me like an unwanted, illegitimate child’, Rahul Bhatt, the son of the explosive first party!

Banglahant Desk: As the name of director Mahesh Bhatt has come up in the Sushant Singh Rajput case, various controversial issues are coming to light. Besides Mahesh Bhatt, his two daughters Pooja Bhatt and Alia Bhatt have also made headlines. But Mahesh Bhatt also has a son, Rahul Bhatt. But the limelight did not fall on him in such a way.

However, this time Rahul Bhatt has come up with the old practice of an old interview. He gave explosive information about Baba Mahesh Bhatt in an all-India news interview. Rahul said that he never had a good relationship with his father Mahesh Bhatt. Rahul claimed that he did not even think of him as his son. He further claimed in the interview that if Mahesh Bhatt had always treated him like a father, he would not have been close to Headley. Notably, this Headley was the mastermind of the Mumbai blasts.

In Rahul's words, “Not being with my father as a child, suffering from insecurity was so overwhelming on my mind that Headley would easily lose my self-confidence. I didn't find my father when I was growing up. He sees me as an unwanted, illegitimate child forever. ”

Rahul said that all those bitter experiences made him stronger. “I'm not bad,” he said. On the contrary, Mr. Bhatt's behavior has made me feel better. In a word, what you can't do makes you stronger. ”

Rahul further said, “Headley could have easily used the anger and resentment that had accumulated in me since childhood. That's what embarrasses me. I think I survived the real damage. “

Incidentally, many know that Mahesh Bhatt's first son Rahul Bhatt (rahul bhatt) was associated with the 26/11 Mumbai attack (mumbai attack). It is learned that the communication was so deep that on November 26, 2006, the day of the militant attack, Headley barred Rahul from going to South Mumbai.

It is known that Rahul had a talk with Headley in a gym. Since then the communication has been increasing. However, Rahul said that although he had met Headley about nine to ten times, he did not take him to his home or anywhere else.

Rahul Bhatt then made it clear that he had nothing to do with the Mumbai attacks. He even said that the headley he knew had no resemblance to the headley shown on TV in connection with the Mumbai attacks. After that the police gave him a clinch.

However, it is known that Rahul's name came up in several emails from Headley. It read, ‘I got a good idea after seeing Rahul. You can work there. Go ahead as planned. '


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