Mahatma Gandhi can get a place in British coins, recommended in the Royal Mint

BanglaHunt Desk: We are all accustomed to seeing pictures of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the father of the nation, on Indian notes. His unique role in stopping the post-partition violence of India's independence movement has made him the father of the nation. This time Britain is going to introduce a new currency to honor him, yes the British nation that has ruled India for almost 200 years, has despised and disrespected black Indians.

It is learned that the British Finance Minister of Indian descent has made this recommendation to the Sage Royal Mint Advisory. The committee is considering the matter. The sage told the Royal Mint Advisor that the father of the Indian nation had preached the message of peace all his life. His birthday is also celebrated on October 2 as the International Day of Peace.

Most recently, George Floyd, a black man, was the victim of racism on American streets. The whole world roared in protest of that death. ‘I can’t breathe’ or ‘I am George Floyd’ was chanted that day in the mouth-to-mouth world.

Although this is not the first case of such harassment in the world. At one time it was written outside the British bar, 'No entry for dogs and Indians'. 'Gandhi' is the face of protest in all the pages of history from racism to torture. So it was decided to honor him.

Incidentally, Mahatma Gandhi made a significant contribution to the South African independence movement just as he did to the rights of the Shudras through the Harijan movement. He also went to riot-hit areas like Noakhali to spread the message of peace.



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