'Love for each other, marriage for the sake of Allah', Sana's first photo with her husband dressed as a bride

BanglaHunt Desk: A few days ago, actress Sana Khan said goodbye to Bollywood and told her to live in the way shown by Allah. This time he married a Mufti. The video of their wedding has come out recently. And as soon as it comes out in public, it goes viral.

It is learned that Sana has married Mufti Anas of Surat, Gujarat. As seen in the video, the former actress is wearing a white wedding gown. White hijab on the head. Husband Mufti Anas is also wearing white kurta pajamas. They were also seen cutting a cake together after the wedding.

This time Sana shared her first picture after marriage. As can be seen in the picture, he has been captured on camera wearing a red and golden lehenga. Next to her husband is Mufti Anas. In the caption, Sana writes, “It is for God's sake to love one another, it is for God's sake to marry one another, may God keep us together in this world and reunite us in Paradise.” This picture of Sana is now viral on Netdunia.

Sana Khan, a one-time former contestant of Bigg Boss, rose to the top of popularity. Besides Bigg Boss, he has also acted in several Bollywood films. But recently Sana made an explosive announcement. He decided to leave the film industry and follow a religious path.

Sana Khan herself broke the news through a long post on social media. He also said that he should not be called for any other work in the film industry. Sana's post is very viral.

But what is the reason for such a shocking decision? In Sana's words, “This life is actually meant to make the life after death more beautiful. And that is possible only when people live by the command of their Creator and do not think only of wealth. Rather, he abandons the life of injustice and pursues humanity. So today I am announcing that I will leave the life of my showbiz and pursue the pursuit of humanity and obey the orders of my creator.

Sana further wrote, “I request all the brothers and sisters to pray for me so that Allah hears my prayers. In this way we can live according to His command and make the life after death beautiful. Request from all brothers and sisters, don't call me for any showbiz job from now on. Thank you very much. ”