Lost in the middle of the dense jungle walking alone, video viral honeymoon!

BanglaHunt Desk: Actress Madhumita Sarkar has been at home for a long time since the lockdown. Then when the situation is normal he went back to shooting life. But the whole time the soul of the traveling sweetheart was running away. So the 'bird' flew to the mountain to get a little gap.

But it has been very difficult to go there. Madhumita got lost while wandering alone in the dense jungle of the mountains. In a video message, he shared with the fans some moments of wandering in the middle of that jungle. That video of Madhumita is now viral on social media.

No, don't panic. Divya is everyone's favorite Emon. Yes, he went on tour alone. However, Madhumita said that she prefers to be alone in such a way. So the knowledge of responsibility also brought him sixteen. The actress shared some moments of the trip with the fans in the video.

There, he said, the last time he toured Australia was before the lockdown. However, he has moved to the mountains as it is not possible to go that far in this situation. He went out alone at 7 in the morning to go for a walk. Discovered a very beautiful place in the middle of the forest. That is what Madhumita has shared with her dear fans.

After a long lockdown, the fresh air of the mountains, the cold weather, the closeness of oneself, the song of getting lost in the headphones are all going well. This video of Madhumita is now going viral on social media.

Incidentally, Madhumita's popularity peaked from the Sabinay Nibedan series. In this serial, she played the role of a girl from a non-Bengali family. Then Kusum Dolar's Emon doesn't understand, he doesn't understand, its bird brings him great fame.

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