Lipalke with Saif's Jannay Ajay! Corinna leaked secret information

Ajay Devgan and Kareena Kapoor Khan have presented a number of hit films, though not a very popular couple in Bollywood. Satyagraha, Golmaal series, Omkara have caught the eye of both of them in the film. But I did not agree to kiss these invincible gods on camera.

Salta 2013. Karina got married to Saif Ali Khan just a year ago. The love of the new marriage is still going on. On the other hand, Kareena's car of success is moving forward in her career. At that time Satyagraha was shooting with Ajay. That picture is a scene with a barrier.

The film had a kiss scene between Ajay and Kareena. Bebo sat down to do that. In the end, the director was forced to drop the scene. But what was the reason for such a sudden change in Kareena? It has come to light recently.

According to a popular magazine, Bebo did not agree to kiss Saif's father or Ajay. Only a year has passed since the marriage. At that time, Karina did not want to act in a close-up scene with anyone else. Bebo has said that she will not act in any intimate scenes even after marriage.

Before the marriage, Kareena was seen in multiple films kissing and acting intimately in intimate scenes. Kissing scene with Aamir in Three Idiots, Kambakht Ishq in a kissing scene with Akshay. The famous liplock scene of the movie Job We Met with her ex-boyfriend Shahid Kapoor caused quite a stir.

However, Ajay and Kareena are quite a hit couple, but Kareena had problems with the actor a few times. During the shooting of Singham 2, Kareena complained that Ajay was smoking a lot. He was having a lot of trouble shooting for her. Even when everyone was eating, Ajay used to smoke cigarettes.


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