Leopards roaming around buyers; Harheim netizens watching videos of viral restaurants

BanglaHunt Desk, Viral Video: Leopard wandering around the restaurant! This is not a manipulation of the edit, but a video that has gone viral. Seeing that, the netizens are scared.

If you sit down to eat and see a leopard walking around your table! How will that feel? Surely the souls of many will be released from the cage and will sing to the tune of Gupi ‘Who knew you in this house’. But you would be surprised to know that in one of the restaurants in South Africa, the leopard is really walking around by the side of the customers.

It is learned that the video that went viral was from Singita Ebony Lodge in South Africa's Empumalanga province. As can be seen in the viral video, the cheetah enters one part of the restaurant in a very calm manner and exits through the other part. The idea is that this is part of my diary.

The video of this cheetah was uploaded on a Facebook page called Singata on September 3. One person present at the time captured the whole incident on camera. The cheetah walks very close to that person, but the attack is so far away that he doesn't even look at the buyer.

Restaurant authorities said the cheetah had been seen roaming around before. He has not attacked anyone yet. This video has gone viral since it was posted. Netizens have filled the comment box with various comments. Many are saying that the person is lucky and many are smelling danger. Watch the viral video

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