Lakshmi Pujo Sarlen Rachna Banerjee shared the video in a simple way in the corona atmosphere

BanglaHunt Desk: Yesterday and today was Kojagari Lakshmi Puja (lakshmi puja). This time Lakshmi Pujo has also been banned in Corona. Decreased splendor, crowds of people. From ordinary people to stars, Lakshmi Pujo has been celebrated in an unpretentious manner in the inner court of everyone.

Actress Rachna Banerjee has worshiped Lakshmi at her home. However, in a very simple way, he has worshiped without any style. In a video message while sitting in front of the throne of mother Lakshmi in Thakurghar, Rachna also conveyed Lakshmi Pujo's greetings to the fans.

He also requested everyone to pray to mother Lakshmi so that the situation becomes normal as before. May everyone be healthy. The actress also shared some pictures on her Insta handle. He was seen praying in the pujo mandapa of the residence with his son.

Incidentally, after wearing a mask in Durgapujo, the actress met Pujo while maintaining distance. He was seen worshiping with friends in a fairly domestic manner. One day, Rachna posted a picture of Pujo on social media.

The composition of the day was wearing a light beige sari, with matching jewelry. Designer mask on the face. Sometimes he stood in front of Thakur and sometimes he stood with his girlfriends and posed for the camera. The actress shared all those pictures on her Insta handle.