Kupokat Chinese troops in the cold of the border, sick soldiers have to be sent to the hospital

Banglahant Desk: India-China tensions are rising in the LAC. But the tension in the conflict is not ignited by the Chinese military. Before the start of the cold season in Ladakh, the Chinese army is getting cold. Far from winning the war, they are now suffering from a cold.

The Chinese soldiers are getting overwhelmed by the cold

According to a recent Hindustan Times report, the situation of Chinese troops in the Finger 4 area of ​​Rejangla is deteriorating. According to Indian military sources, Jinping's troops have been on the run in LAC for the past three or four days. They are being sent on stretchers from the Finger 4 area at the northern end of Pangong Tso to the China Medical Facility on the other side of Finger 6. The cold has not yet begun to subside, but the Chinese soldiers are now falling like paper dolls.

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A few days ago, Hu Shijin, the editor of the Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Chinese government, tweeted that Indian troops feared the cold in Ladakh. But the Chinese soldiers ate so much googly. It hasn't gotten that cold yet, and that's why the Chinese soldiers are getting sick.

Residents also came forward to help the Indian army

The Chinese may have forgotten that Indian troops are guarding the country's borders in cold regions like Siachen. They have also undergone special training to stay at zero to minus degrees Celsius at these 16,000 to 18,000 feet altitude. In addition, the Indian Army has made arrangements to stay ahead of their needs. Besides, the local residents of Ladakh also crossed the steep hills and delivered the necessary things to them.

Winter is not over yet. And now the condition of Jinping's Red Army has deteriorated. The Chinese soldiers can talk big at the beginning, they run out of air at work. If a war situation arises at this time, how will the Chinese government fight this sick Sen?

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