Konika Rane, a lieutenant in the Indian Army, was a hero at LOC two years ago.

Bengali Hunt Desk: In Jammu and Kashmir, 29-year-old Major Kaustav has been on the run for almost two years. This time his wife is ready to join the Indian Army and serve the country. Konika Rane has faced all the problems of life and has worked tirelessly to take care of her family and prepare herself for the service of the country. He completed his training at the Indian Army Officers Training Academy in Chennai.

This time he has joined the Indian Army. Kaustav Rane and his family lived on Mira Road in Mumbai. In August 2016, he was martyred along with three other Indian soldiers. Riflemen Hamir Singh (26), Mandeep Singh (26) and Vikramjit Singh (25) also sacrificed for the country. Hamir Singh and Mandeep were residents of Uttarakhand, Vikramjit was a resident of Haryana. All four received heroism on the same day.

Pakistan-backed militants were entering India at the behest of the Pak army in the Gurez sector next to the LOC. After thwarting the infiltration of Pakistani militants on the border 125 km from Srinagar, the four jawans laid down their lives for Mother India. Mumbai's Defense PRO shared a video on Saturday, November 21, 2020, in which Konika Rane said in her own words that it was not easy for her.

“I just switched responsibilities with my husband, because he would have done the same if Uni had been in my place,” Konika said. “I came to the Indian Army to fulfill my husband's goals and dreams, which he could not fulfill,” she said. Her husband, Major Kaustav Rane, was initially assigned to the Garbal Rifles, but was later made part of the 36th Indian Rifles.