Kings will be jealous of Indian industrialists' livelihood: Barack Obama

Former United States President Barack Obama has recently published his autobiography, A Promised Land. Ever since this autobiography was published, there has been an uproar all over the world. Many have been curious about the life of the first black US president.

In his autobiography, Barack Obama has written a lot about India. There he writes about the economic disparity in India, where millions of Indians live in slums where the kings of India will be envious of the lifestyle of the Indian industrialists.

On the politics of influencing people on the India-Pakistan issue, Obama wrote, “Expressing hostility towards Pakistan is the easiest way to unite the nation.” Many Indians are proud that the country has developed a nuclear weapons program to deal with Pakistan.

The relationship between the two black Indian epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, with the first black US president is also quite interesting. In his autobiography, he writes that he has been associated with these two epics since childhood. Even though he never set foot in India, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata made him attracted to Indian culture.

Obama wrote that he spent his childhood in Indonesia. There he regularly listened to the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. His interest in religious practice in the Eastern Hemisphere made him interested in listening to these two epics. He even had a special interest in everything from Indian cuisine to movies at that time. He also learned to cook pulses and minced meat with the help of his Indian and Pakistani classmates in college.

This autobiography has been started by Barack Obama since the beginning of his 2008 presidential election. He ended up killing bin Laden in Pakistan. In his autobiography, Barack Obama writes his well-thought-out views on various issues around the world