Kicked and thrown fruit fruit, video of police torture goes viral on social media

Again, the video of police torture is viral on social media. An officer got into an argument with the police and kicked a fruit grower. The incident in Kannur, Kerala has sparked outrage in the net world.

The incident happened in Kelara. The video shows some police officers of Kannur police station misbehaving with street vendors. At that time, a policeman kicked a fruit seller named Sajid, a resident of Kannur.

The video shows policemen shouting at vendors on the street to evacuate, Sajid protested. After the rain, the police removed the umbrella and a policeman first kicked Sajid's car and threw it away.

Sajid later told reporters that the video went viral and Sajid was called to the police station. His mobile phone was snatched. Even later, the police threatened to suffer the consequences.

Sajid said that this is not the first time that they have been tortured by the police. Earlier, the police personnel took away the petty mangoes.

That's why the country's economy is in turmoil due to Kovid. The plight of the people downstairs has reached its peak. Meanwhile, this video of police torture has gone viral like wildfire in the net world. Netizens are venting their anger through social media. Earlier, in another video, a video of a government employee in Indore torturing vendors went viral.


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