Kashmiris no longer consider themselves Indians: Controversial remarks by Farooq Abdullah

Banglahunt Desk: After a long time, Farooq Abdullah has come up in the news headlines after dragging Pakistan in the context of the meeting after the India-China tension. Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and Lok Sabha MP Farooq Abdullah has said from the very beginning that he has a bad reputation.

Meetings should be held with Pakistan like China

Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and Lok Sabha MP Farooq Abdullah expressed his views on the issue of talks with China a long time ago. “The unrest in the border area is increasing day by day,” he claimed. People's lives are being lost every day. The way we are negotiating with China to remove Chinese intervention from Ladakh should be to negotiate with neighboring Pakistan to resolve the Jammu and Kashmir issue.

This MP has been heard to speak on behalf of Pakistan many times from India. After being away for some time, he again expressed his attitude towards Pak. He believed that the Kashmir issue could never be resolved without Pakistan's help.

Farooq Abdullah's explosive remarks

Once again, an anti-India tune was heard in the throat of this Pak-loving Indian. His explosive remarks in an interview have sparked a heated debate. In his words, ‘On August 5, the Modi government of India buried the last nail in the coffin of India. Indians in Kashmir are no longer worried about India, they don't want to stay there anymore. The Kashmiri people know that China will one day enter India. They also know what the Chinese government has done to Muslims. We are residents of Gandhiji's India, we do not want Modi's India.