Kareena Kapoor's hit Hindi song 'Shayama', Tumul Viral Tiyasha's video

BanglaHunt Desk: Again viral is the video of ‘Krishnakali’ Shayama alias Tiyasha Roy. Tiyasha has been at the peak of her popularity since she started playing the lead role in Zee Bangla's Krishnakali serial. Now he is the most familiar face of the small screen.

Tiyasha shared a video on her social media handle. He was seen dancing to the tune of popular Hindi song 'Yeh Ishq Hai'. Looking at the video, it is understood that it was shot in the makeup room in between the shooting of the serial. Because in the video, the actress has been caught in the shadow of Shyam.

He is wearing dark blue and red sari, jewelry and a flower garland. He made the video with his character Shyama in the Krishnakali serial. This sweet video has also gone viral on social media.

Recently, Tiyasha posted a selfie with her husband Suban. On Durgapujo Dashami, the two were also seen playing Sindur, forgetting the value of pride. The actress was caught on camera in a red and white sari. At the same time, Tiyasha posed with a smile on her cheeks and on her cheeks.

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A post shared by Tiyasha Roy (Official) (@ roy.tiyasha_krishnakoli) on Nov 4, 2020 at 7:19 am PST

However, the actress has been in a lot of trouble recently. One fake account after another on social media has been burnt to death. Although there was a lot of talk about this on social media, the benefits did not match.

In this context, Tiyasha told the news media that if one account is closed, ten more fake accounts are opened. The owner of the fake account has also talked about this with her husband Suban. In Tiyasha's words, he has a strange whim. The fake account can be deleted after running for a few days, that is what the person said.

This is not the end. These cheaters are playing the video made by Tiyasha in their own name.

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