Karan has written a new book, the director gave good news with two children in his lap

Banglahant Desk: Director and producer Karan Johar's new book 'Daddy Big Thoughts of Little Love' has been released. Karan himself wrote this book for children. Earlier, he had said on social media that he would write a book. This time Karan told this news in a video message with his two children to get the book published.

As seen in the video, Karan is sitting with his two adopted children Yash and Ruhi on his lap. He has the book in his hand. Little Ruhi laughed as she asked Ruhi what the book looked like. Or he liked the book very much. Yash has a similar reaction. Speaking of kissing Adar's two children, he hopes that all the little ones will like the book.

Earlier, Karan had said that he was going to write a book about his experience as a father. This time Karan has expressed all his naughtiness with his children in the form of writing. It is actually a 'picture book' with beautiful pictures for children.

This is Karan's second book. Earlier, his first book 'A Sweet Boy' was published. Karan himself announced to write this book on social media. He also shared a sweet video of Yash and Ruhi.

But the director fell victim to the troll for announcing the book on social media. The director has to admit the harshness of the tweet. One writes, ‘How do you fall asleep at night by abusing the children of strangers, engaging in dirty politics, destroying their families? You will never be forgiven for what you did to Sushant. ' Another wrote, ‘Should be ashamed. Drown in a glass of water.

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