Kangana, who frowned at the thought of Bollywood, says Bollywood needs to be saved from 'terrorists'

Bangla Hunt Desk: Bollywood has to be saved from eight types of terrorism, says Kangana Ranaut. These eight terrorists are nepotism, drug mafia, gender discrimination, religious and regional terrorism, foreign photography, piracy, labor exploitation and talent exploitation.

In one tweet after another on Saturday, Kangana expressed her thoughts on Bollywood. He demanded to save Bollywood from the seven of terrorism.

He raised questions about the release of Hollywood movies

In a tweet, the actress wrote, ‘The best dubbed is that regional films are not released in the whole of India. But Hollywood pictures are released. This is because of their dominance in poor quality Hindi films and cinemas. '

Telugu industry is the largest film industry in India

According to Kangana, the Telugu film industry, not Bollywood, is the largest in India. He writes, ‘It is wrong that Bollywood industry is the biggest. The Telugu film industry has become even more successful and is producing nationwide films in several languages. '

A request to bring all the film industries together

“Film has the power to unite the whole country,” Kangana tweeted, quoting the Prime Minister's Office. But first we have to bring together these different industries which have different identities but no identity together. They have to be brought together like a united India. Then we will be number one in the whole world. '

Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath announced the construction of India's most beautiful film city in the state. For this, he is thinking of places near Noida, Greater Noida and Jamuna Expressway. According to him, this new film city will not only look for new alternatives for the directors but will also look for more income.

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