Kangana Ranaut shot in front of the house in Manali! “All this is being done to show fear,” said the actress

BanglaHunt Desk: Actress Kangana Ranawat was shot dead in front of her house in Manali. It is alleged that shots were heard in front of the actress' bedroom around 11 pm on Friday. According to Kangana, she has been intimidated in order to open her mouth.
In an interview to a news outlet, Kangana said she was in her bedroom at her home in Manali around 11pm on Friday. That's when he heard gunshots. Two shots were heard in the space of eight seconds. The actress immediately asked the security guard to look into the matter.
In Kangana's words, “The sound of gunfire can be heard on the other side of the wall outside my bedroom. I have an apple orchard and swimming pool outside my house. Then Panchil. ” He further added that this was done to comment on the son of the Chief Minister. Kangana also said that such an incident had never happened in that place before.

“I am not the only one who has heard the shots,” he said. Perhaps I was hired by local thugs to intimidate me. They can be rented for 6-7 thousand rupees. I don't think it's a coincidence. I said about the son of the Chief Minister. Everyone is telling me that they will make my life more miserable in Mumbai. Is this how Gundaraj works in this country? Sushant was also intimidated in this way. But I will not stop saying that. ”
Earlier, it was learned that the son of a political leader was present at the party the night before Sushant's death. That is why the Bihar police suspects that the Mumbai police may delay the investigation. According to reports, the CCTV cameras stopped working before the political leader's son Sushant came to his apartment.
In this context, Kangana Ranawat made a big announcement. The actress's digital team tweeted on Twitter without naming the political figure. It reads, ‘Everyone knows his name but no one will pronounce that name. Son of the world's greatest chief minister and a close friend of Karan Johar. Everyone calls him Baby Penguin. Kangana says if she is found hanging at home this time, she will understand that she did not commit suicide.



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