Kangana didn't leave her father either, the father of the actress who commented on her daughter

Banglahant Desk: Recently, the father of the actress Amardeep opened his mouth with his daughter Kangana Ranaut. Her father commented that Kangana was doing exactly what she was doing. According to him, Kangana does not spare her father either.

Amardeep said, “Kangana did not leave her father. He explained to me the meaning of struggle and shared our family's private jet on social media. With the support of the whole country, I understand what the fight is about. But like every parent, we are also concerned about Kangana's safety. No matter how big and successful he is, we still think about him. But now I will not worry because I know how important this fight is for him. ”

He added, “Kangana is doing exactly what she is doing. He has reached this point by his own efforts. Kangana is a symbol of femininity. That is why the whole country is with him. ”

Kangana is afraid of her mother's anger
On behalf of BMC, part of Kangana's office was demolished and various quarters got into a fight. Kangana's mother Asha Ranawat scoffed at Shiv Sena. In an interview with a news medium, he expressed his anger against Shiv Sena. After sharing the video, Kangana said that she was scared of her mother's anger.

He wrote, ‘Mother fired cannons at Shiv Sena today just like she ruled us as a child. I don't know what happened to Shiv Sena after seeing this Chandi look but I am still very scared. '

Incidentally, before Kangana set foot in Mumbai, her office was demolished by the BMC. A section of the netizens think that this is the result of opening their mouths against Shiv Sena. However, according to BMC, some parts of Kangna's office were built illegally.

On the other hand, Kangana mocked Shiv Sena as Sonia Sena. The actress tweeted, “Today, Shiv Sena has been transformed into Sonia Sena by selling the judiciary that Shri Bala Saheb Thackeray formed Shiv Sena for the sake of power.” Don't call the thugs who broke into my house in my absence civic bodies. Don't insult the constitution so much. '


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