Kangana angry over Arnab's arrest, in one cannon video message after another targeting 'Sonia Sena'

Banglahant Desk: Arnab Goswami, a journalist and editor-in-chief of Republic TV, was arrested by Mumbai police on Wednesday morning. Arnab was arrested on charges of inciting an interior designer woman and her mother to commit suicide. This time, actress Kangana Ranaut (kangana ranawat) expressed her anger on social media.

In a video message, the actress fired a cannon at the Uddhav Thackeray government in Maharashtra, saying, “I want to ask a question to the Maharashtra government. Today he came to Arnab Goswami's house and was beaten and tortured. How many houses will be demolished, how many people will be strangled, how many voices will be silenced? Sonia Sena, how many mouths will you close? These faces will grow. ”

He further said, “So many martyrs have been beheaded and hanged for freedom of speech. No worries. If you turn off one sound, ten more sounds will be heard. How much to stop? And why are you angry? Are you angry when someone says penguin? It looks like a penguin so it is called a penguin. Pappu is angry when he says army? This time, if you act like your father's Pappu, you will be called Pappu Senai. Sonia is angry when the army says? Then yes, you are Sonia Sena. ”

This is not the end. Kangana wrote on Twitter, ‘Why is Pappu Pror so angry? Why are penguins so angry? Why is Sonia Sena so angry? Arnab sir, for the sake of freedom of speech, if they pull your hair, let them do it if they harass you. Earlier, many people were hanged with smiles on their faces. We have to give the loan of freedom. '

Arnab Goswami has accused the Mumbai police of beating and harassing him and his family members. On the other hand, Republic TV is saying that the case in which Arnab was arrested has been closed for a long time.