Jurassic crocodiles roaming the streets of the city in the rain! The bone-chilling video is viral

viral video: Thousands of videos go viral every day. But recently a video has gone viral which has seen the cold currents go down through the spines of netizens. He is walking around openly in the rain.

The incident took place in Florida, USA. Seeing crocodiles there is not a new phenomenon. Crocodiles are seen every day. However, the crocodile that was found is much larger than the others. It seems to have moved directly from the Jurassic era to today's world.

The video went viral the moment it was posted, but many thought it was fake. But this video is real. Experts say it is not surprising to see such a large crocodile. The crocodile is bigger than usual. Jeff Jones has videotaped that giant creature near Valencia and Country Club.

He is also writing about this crocodile in the local newspaper. There it is called the baby dinosaur because of its size. Along with the newspapers, Netdunia has also started a frenzy with this crocodile. The video has been shared a lot. Netizens are making various comments.