Israel's big discovery: If you blow the worm, you can know in 1 minute whether it is corona positive or not

BanglaHunt Desk: The situation around the world is now terrible with corona. However, Israeli researchers have created a test kit that gives results within a minute. This is an electronic-optical coroner kit. It can take samples from the nose, throat and throat for testing. A test kit costs only 3600 rupees. The researchers claim that this kit gives accurate results up to ninety percent. This test kit will be quite effective at airports, borders, slides. And ramped tests will not be required in these places. Coronavirus particles are like nanoparticles. They range in size from one hundred to one hundred and forty nanometers.

This is easy to test

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University have used personal sensors in the test kit to work on corona virus detection on the individual. Analysis of a cloud system sensor system from the sensor informs whether the report is positive or negative. Test kits cost less than other PCR tests. It does not require a lab to test.

This kit is coming to the market soon

The PCR kit detects the RNA and DNA of the virus. And it takes several hours to test. And within a minute of the new test it is said that the patient is positive or negative.
This test kit has brought better results since the trial began. With this help more patients can be screened in less time. The Food and Drug Administration is going to market it soon to make the kit available to the public.


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