Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip have blown up Hamas bases

Bengali Hunt Desk: The Israeli army has fired rockets into the country from the Gaza Strip, accusing it of launching rocket attacks. The Israeli military says it has retaliated with airstrikes on Sunday, although no one was killed.

Extremist groups operate from the Palestinian territories, but Israel blames the Gaza militant group Hamas for all the rockets fired from the area and instead attacks Hamas strongholds.

The Israeli military said in a statement that fighter jets and attack helicopters had struck two rocket-propelled grenade launchers and a naval training camp at Hamas. The military says Palestinian militants fired rockets at Israel on Saturday night. Then the sirens sounded in the southern city of Israel.

Israeli police said the rocket damaged a building in the town of Oskelon. This area is located about 10 km away from Gaza. According to Israeli media, a factory was also damaged in the rocket attack.

Israel and Hamas have long been enemies. Hamas is an Islamic extremist group that seeks to destroy Israel. Hamas captured Gaza in 2007 and since then there have been more than three wars between the two sides.

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