Islamic countries have called for a boycott of French goods over anti-Islamic remarks

Bangla Hunt Desk: Anger against France is growing in the Muslim community after a controversial remark by the French president in the wake of a teacher's car after a cartoon of the Prophet was shown in the French capital, Paris. On social media, Muslims have called for a boycott of all French-made products, and a crackdown has been launched. Even Arab countries have called for a boycott of French production.

In the Muslim community, the campaign to expel French content by condemning the President of France is being carried out more rapidly. Especially on social media, anti-French air is being blown. Muslims are waging a massive campaign to expel French content.

Following the expulsion and criticism from Muslim countries, the President of France issued a statement depicting the country's secularism. “We will never lose,” he said. We respect all differences with the idea of ​​peace. We do not accept rude language. We will always stand for human dignity and universal values.

On the other hand, there has been opposition from Arab countries as well. Several Islamic countries have opposed the French president, saying Macron's controversial remarks on Islam reflect his intolerance and hatred. It is a shame for a country like France.

Last Friday, French President Macron made a controversial statement saying that Islam is a religion that is causing a crisis in the world today. Because of this statement, the Islamic countries are extremely angry with him.

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