India's neighbor, China, is mired in debt and fears bankruptcy

BanglaHunt Desk: At present, the situation of China in the international arena has become very deplorable. The Corona virus is on the other side of the border dispute with India – all in all, the cornered Chinese government is Jinping. This land mafia China again targets small countries from the very beginning. They conspired to embezzle land by trapping them in debt. He wants to attract his own team by showing greed for loans.

Maldives in China's debt trap

Many small countries have lost significant assets in their borders due to the Chinese government's debt trap. This time, China's greedy eye has fallen on India's neighbor Maldives. The Maldives is trapped in a debt trap that could cost them as much as Laos and other countries.

China's debt is huge

Former Maldivian Prime Minister and current Speaker of Parliament Mohammed Nasheed has predicted imminent danger. His fear is that one day the whole of the Maldives will be completely trapped in China's net for this Chinese loan. He said the Maldives' total economy stood at about আর 5 billion, of which China's debt was about ১ 3.1 billion.

I remember Sri Lanka

He added that these include loans taken by the government, loans taken by government agencies and loans taken by private companies, which the Maldivian government is responsible for ensuring. Sri Lanka lost its port of Hambantota 99 years ago after falling into China's debt trap. Nowadays, Mohammad Nasheed fears that the Maldives will have to lose something.

Incidentally, in 2013, the Maldivian government borrowed heavily from Beijing because Abdullah Yameen was a supporter of China. The debt burden of the Maldivian government has become a source of suspicion these days.


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