Indian woman makes flour making machine with Jim and makes noise in Netpara, watch viral video

viral video: Many people are aware of being fit at this moment. Everyone is desperate to keep fit by sweating in different ways. But an Indian woman has taken the process of keeping fit a step further. He has created a device that will make atao as well as exercise.

In addition to physical exercise, you need to eat the right foods to stay healthy. In the viral video, the woman is heard to say that there used to be a mill in every house in India. The flour was made by grinding flour every day. But now there is no such facility. The flour we buy from the market is very adulterated. Riding this bicycle made by him will be an exercise for the body as well as flour with proper nutrition. It is also very important for the body.

As seen in the video, the woman covered several devices in front of a typical gym bike. Flour is made using the energy produced by paddling on a gym bike. The woman said in the video that it is possible to grind anything on her gym bike without flour.

The video was posted on social media by an IAS officer named Abneesh Sharan. The video went viral as soon as it was shared. The video, which is just over 2 minutes long, has already been viewed by 6 million netizens. More than 5 thousand likes. Everyone in Netpara is praising this woman's intelligence.