Indian navy to test two superpowers amid tensions with China

Bangla Hunt Desk: In Ladakh, the Indian Army has stepped up its forces amid rising tensions with China. All three divisions of the army are making all the preparations. And gradually the Indian Navy has stepped up to increase its strength. The Navy will test two powerful tools in a drill to be held in Goa on September 10. This tool is so powerful that the Navy has issued a warning to fishermen to stay away from the sea area tomorrow.

The Indian Navy is testing 105mm line field guns and 40/40 anti-aircraft guns in the Goa seas. The naval test will be held at Mormugao in Goa and Headland Sada. According to the information received, the testing of these tools will be from 9 am to 1 pm. What the Navy has identified as the Danger Zone is 220 to 270 degrees away from the current location of the Mormugao Headland Flag Staff.

Fishermen, ports and maritime transport vessels have been warned to stay out of the dengue zone after testing two powerful tools. The 105 Light Field song that the Navy is going to test on Thursday is a mini version of the Bofors. The total weight of 105 field guns is 3,400 kg. The bullets fired from it are capable of destroying any target 11 km away. And its lethal power is infallible.

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