Indian hackers hacked Pakistan's official website again!

Bengali Hunt Desk: Hopefully everyone knows that the fight between India (INDIA) and Pakistan is not just on the border. Ordinary Indians also took part in this fight, but not with guns or cannons. This fight is about computers and keyboards. This time too something like this was seen. On social media, an Indian hacker named Anshul Saxena hacked Pakistan's official website and wrote… PKMKB. Anshul shared this information on his Facebook page.

In the morning, Anshul gave the address of a Pakistani government website from his Facebook page. That web site is “Good morning friends, Pakistan's power department,” he wrote in the post. Have fun, I'll delete the post later. ” He also added a picture to the post, where he and his team members can be seen. And all those pictures were uploaded on that official website of Pakistan.

This is not the first time that Anshul and his team have hacked a Pakistani website and posted it on their Facebook page. Earlier, Anshul had hacked hundreds of Pakistani websites and posted them on his page. And all the websites belonged to different departments of the government of Pakistan. It is not possible for Anshul to go to the border and exchange fire with Pakistan, so he and his team teach Pakistan at home.

Anshul started this work on 14 February 2019 after the Pulwama incident. And since then he has occasionally hacked Pakistani websites and posted them on his Facebook page.



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