India will never win the war with China, the new threat is Beijing

BanglaHunt Desk: India called for peace. But the aggressive China is not listening to it. After blaming India for the Ladakh problem yesterday, China has threatened war one step further today! China claims that India has no hope of winning the war under any circumstances. That's according to a report in the Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Beijing administration.


Yesterday, after a three-hour meeting with Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, China blamed India for the situation in Ladakh and said in a statement that it would not give up any land to India. Rajnath Singh had a three-hour meeting with Chinese Defense Minister Wei Feng at a hotel in Moscow. The meeting did not reveal any details about the border situation in Ladakh for the past few months.

Although Rajnath Singh blamed China for the situation at the meeting, China said in a statement shortly after the meeting that the cause and truth of the tension on the Ladakh border was “very clear” and that all responsibility for the incident rested entirely with India. No, their armies are “determined, capable and confident in defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The statement added that China hopes that India will abide by the agreement reached through the Indo-China agreement. India will effectively strengthen the control of the front-line forces, will not create any problems in the current Line of Actual Control, will not take any action as the situation heats up, will not deliberately deceive or spread negative information from India.

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