India also had dinosaurs, Madhya Pradesh found seven giant eggs 75 million years old, scientists surprised

Bangla Hunt Desk: In Madhya Pradesh, the discovery of seven dinosaur EGG fossils has taken everyone by surprise. Seven fossil eggs of 75-million-year-old herbivorous dinosaurs have been found in Madhya Pradesh's Mandla district, it was claimed on Thursday. It is rumored that these eggs are probably a new species of dinosaur, and nothing special is known about India. It was found 4 km away from the police headquarters in Mandla district.

Professor PK Kathal, who is involved in advanced research in geology at the Central University of Harisingh Gaur University in Madhya Pradesh, said this. “On October 30, I saw a website about Prashant Srivastava, a student at a school in Mandla district,” he said. Prashant found these eggs. He first saw the egg in the hands of a local young man.

“Then I do research on fossil eggs using SEM,” he said. He said, these eggs weigh about 2 kg 600 grams. And up to 40 cm long.

He said the eggs were kept in a tank during the lockdown. I think these eggs are a new species, and Indian scientists have no such experience with this species. He said that many reptiles used to come in the sand on the banks of the river in that area. They were scientifically identified as lameta beds. These animals were found in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

He said the discovery would help us understand the spread of dinosaurs and shed some light on the cause of their extinction. He said the eggs included a new species of baked or serpentine dinosaurs. Later, some eggs were also recovered from Kuchi area near Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh.