Independence Day: The Prime Minister can give this big gift to the country tomorrow

Bangla Hunt Desk: After the One Nation One Ration Card, the Modi government is preparing to implement the One Nation One Health Card scheme. According to sources, Prime Minister Narendra Modi may announce the scheme from the Red Fort wall on the eve of Independence Day on August 15.

Note that the government is preparing to digitize health records for all citizens. And this is why this project will be implemented. Under this project, information on the treatment of every person in the country so far and the treatment in the coming days will be available in one place. The biggest advantage of this is that if you go to any hospital or doctor in the country for treatment, you do not have to take all the medical documents and test reports. All you have to do is say a unique ID, and the doctor will be able to see all your medical reports from beginning to end.

Narendra Modi

To make this process successful, all hospitals, nursing homes, clinics will be linked to a central server. This scheme will then be gradually implemented across the country. The government will leave the decision of taking advantage of this scheme to the people, they may or may not come under this scheme if they need to.

The government has made it clear in its statement that it will be recommended to make health card on the basis of Aadhaar card. But no one will be forced to take this project. Whether or not to join this project will depend entirely on yourself.


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