Indecent behavior, woman openly beats Congress leader, viral video

viral video: Indecent treatment for women for which a Congress leader openly beat a woman. Anuj Mishra was accused of harassing women on the way to the station.

The viral video shows a woman wearing a red T-shirt holding the collar of a Congress leader's shirt and beating him. The woman was seen beating the Congress leader with her shoes. According to the video, the women were teased by the Congress leader while they were on their way to the station.

The women were so enraged that the girl who was making the video kept saying বল ‘Go to the road’ means he wanted the Congress leader to be beaten in public. The last stage of the video also shows the woman holding her legs and apologizing.

Police have filed a case in this regard. The incident is being seriously investigated by the police. However, the Congress has not yet commented on the matter.