Increased power at sea India, INS Chennai hit the perfect hit to its target Brahms

Bengali Hunt Desk: India achieved another great success in expanding its military power. The Indian Navy on Sunday successfully tested the Brahmos Supresonic Cruise Missile in the Arabian Sea from its warship INS Chennai. According to the information received, the Brahms hit their target perfectly. This successful test will increase the strength of the Navy many times over. This BrahMos missile is going to be deployed in Indian warships in the coming days.

Earlier on Friday, India successfully tested an indigenous Prithvi-2 missile capable of carrying nuclear explosives from the Balasore test site in Orissa. According to defense sources, the state-of-the-art surface-to-surface missile was launched from Chandipur in Balasore at around 7.30 pm. And this missile was able to hit the perfect test.

India recently successfully tested a new version of the ground-to-ground BrahMos cruise missile. It has also successfully tested a number of missiles, including the anti-radiation missile Rudram-1. India has also successfully tested laser-guided anti-tank missiles and nuclear-powered hypersonic missiles. The successful testing of Rudram-1 is being seen as a great realization. Because it is the country's first anti-radiation missile made by India.

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