Income tax will not be taken from businessmen if they come to power, said Pappu Yadav, Jan Odhikar Party

BanglaHunt Desk: Bihar election time is coming. The campaign is in full swing. Jan Adhikar Party President Pappu Yadav and Bhim Army Chief Chandrasekhar held a public meeting. Thousands of people attended today's meeting. Pappu Yadav has also made a big announcement for the general public to win the election.

Pappu Yadav, president of the Jan Adhikar Party, said, “I have never run away from any problem in Bihar, endangering the common man.” Whether it was corona or flood situation, I was always by the side of common people. But on the other hand, Sushil Modi, wearing shorts with his wife and son, put the people in danger and fled.

“I haven't been home for the last 28 days,” he said. I could not even meet my family, wife and children. I have been serving people day and night. During this time I also had an infection in my body, but it did not stop. I have worked tirelessly to serve the people. '

Among them, Pappu Yadav, president of the Jan Adhikari Party, made a big announcement to take his place in the upcoming elections. “If our government comes to power in this election, no income tax will be levied on businessmen,” he said.

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