In the mood of holding China's breath, 4 powerful countries, India is building war maritime equipment

BanglaHunt Desk: The second phase of the joint exercise in Malabar in the Arabian Sea is starting from today, Tuesday, to put pressure on China. India, the United States, Japan and Australia, the four member countries of the Quartet, will take part in the four-day exercise. Earlier, in the first phase of the Malabar exercise in the Bay of Bengal, all these countries had shaken China's tone.

The first episode was held in the Bay of Bengal

All these countries showed their strength in the exercise held in the Bay of Bengal from 3rd to 6th November with the aim of crushing China's arrogance. The four member states of the quadrilateral are developing a kind of maneuver to thwart China's aggressive stance. This exercise is part of that cycle. Submarine warfare, navy and air force demonstrated their capabilities in the Bay of Bengal warfare.

The second episode is starting in the Arabian Sea

This war is being waged with the aim of attacking China by sea to counter China's aggressive stance towards India. The second phase of the joint exercise in Malabar in the Arabian Sea will run from November 18 to November 20. The exercise will be the focus of the Indian and US Air Force. USS Nimitz, America's deadliest aircraft carrier, and INS Vikramaditya, an Indian Navy aircraft carrier, will also take part in the exercise.

Four countries united in a show of strength against China

Incidentally, India, America, Japan and Australia are preparing to respond to China's grandfathering in the Indian Pacific. China needs to be taught a lesson by the way it has developed its aggressive attitude. That's why this chair country is uniting and continuing this war game to attack China by sea.


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