In the mood for full war, Taiwan began preparing to subdue the deceitful China

BanglaHunt Desk: China is notorious as a land mafia in the international arena. China has been using one strategy after another to capture the neighboring small country of Taiwan. But in the meantime, Taiwan is no less. The Taiwanese army has also jumped in to protect its country from the enemy dragons. Taiwan is ready to retaliate like themselves.

China is determined to make the dream come true

China is reluctant to stop, even if it cannot capture Taiwan after launching air strikes. The land mafia is China's long-held dream of capturing Taiwan. The Chinese army does not want to forget this dream in any way. They have been using one strategy after another to fulfill their dreams. Failing that, however, new tactics have begun to emerge.

Taiwan is also ready to hit back

The Jinping government is gaining momentum to realize this illusory dream of China. Because no matter how weak and small a country China may think of Taiwan, it has the support of countries like America and India. Besides, the Taiwanese army is also preparing itself to the best of its ability. Following the news of China's attack, Taiwan's military has completely changed its power-building process.

Taiwan perfectly made in an aggressive manner

The dragon is in a state of turmoil as Taiwan's military prepares for land, water and air strikes to counter Chinese attacks. Since October 10, Taiwan has been fully prepared for war. Whether it is a missile test or a warship exercise, Taiwan is fully prepared to overtake China. In this situation, India and the United States strongly support Taiwan.