In the darkness of the night, the cheetah scared his friend by yawning! Netpara laughed after watching the viral video

Viral video: The current era is the era of social media. We capture various pictures and videos happening around us on camera and post them on social media. Many of those videos became popular, calling him viral in the language of social media. Just as viral videos make us think, they also give us a sense of unadulterated joy.

Animals are the subject of various videos that have gone viral. Thanks to the viral video, we can witness the various feats of animals. Whether it's naughtiness with friends or the story of unequal fights with scary creatures, the viral video presents us with the unfamiliar world of animals. One such video has gone viral recently. This video of a cheetah captured in a forest in the dark of night is gaining momentum due to the viral video.

Currently, night vision cameras have been installed in various sanctuaries to protect wildlife and trees from poachers and to keep track of wildlife movements. This funny scene was captured on such a night vision camera.

The viral video shows a leopard eating water in a small pond. Another leopard came and stood behind him. The first one was as startled as seeing a ghost when it saw another leopard in the sudden flash of light in the dark. The giant jumped and fled. This video has gone viral since it was posted on social media. Netizens have filled the comment box with various funny comments.