Illegal child about extramarital affair with foreigner, foreigner leaks all the fame of Amir!

BanglaHunt Desk: In Bollywood, he is known as 'Mr. Perfectionist'. He is Aamir Khan. Whether he is a hero or a villain, whether it is a romantic movie or a comedy, he believes in giving his best. Aamir has been associated with the Bollywood industry for a long time.

However, in real life, Aamir cannot be called a perfectionist. There are multiple marital relationships, extramarital affairs in his personal life. Amir even had an illegitimate child due to this extramarital affair.

Salta 1997. Shooting of Aamir's slave is going on. It was on that shooting set that he had a conversation with British writer Jessica Hines. Uthalapathala love in the conversation. That love was so deep that the two became involved in a physical relationship.

But when Jessica became pregnant, Amir got lightning in his head. He was then married to Reena Dutt. There are two children Ira and Junaid. Moreover, there are also career thoughts. In such a situation, this unimaginable news makes the actor think. Aamir also told Jessica two alternative ways. Either you have to have an abortion or you have to forget about Amir.

Pregnant Jessica chose the second option. He went to his own country and gave birth to Amir and his son John Harry Hines. Jessica later dropped the bomb on Aamir in an interview. However, the actor was never seen to open his mouth about this.

This is not the end of Amir's fame. Then on the set of Logan, he fell in love with Kiran Rao. As soon as the picture was released, he divorced his first wife Reena and married Kiran. Aamir Khan is still living with Kiran.


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