If you don't wear a mask, you have to sweep the streets, the Maharashtra government has discovered a fancy punishment

BanglaHunt Desk: Maharashtra, which is at the top of the corona infection in India, is now largely under control. But there is still a lack of awareness among the people. Many people are still walking on the roadside without masks. He says to ask, I forgot. This time the Maharashtra government has taken an innovative step for the like-minded citizens without all these bodies.

Akon trial of corona virus vaccine is underway. So far no country except Russia has been able to prepare a cure for the epidemic. Work is also in full swing in India. People are being asked to be more vigilant in this situation. In addition to adhering to social distance rules, repeated hand smoke and the use of masks have become essential.

The road will be swept

However, many people still do not take the use of this mask seriously. This time the government of Maharashtra is for these people. After the K-West Civic Society in Mumbai, this time the Maharashtra government issued a warning to sweep the streets if the mask is not worn. If you go out on the road or on the train without wearing a mask, you will have to pay a fine of Tk. And if someone can't pay the fine, there's no problem. They will be used for social work i.e. sweeping the streets.

No coronation rules will be heard

The K-West Civic Society of Mumbai has already introduced this rule. If the mask is not used there, the road is being swept for half an hour. Then the person is being told to distribute the mask and the Corona ban is being sounded again. The municipality of Brihanmumbai has already introduced the rule and the rule will continue to apply to train board from next week.

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