If the rear brother Shauvik had not made this mistake, the NCB would not have been able to catch their collar

Bangla Hunt Desk: If Rhea Chakraborty's brother, Souvik Chakraborty, had not made the mistake, the NCB would not have been able to catch him so easily. The NCB's eye fell on a payment made with the rear card, which was made to the drug peddler.

According to sources, Shauvik sent Samuel Miranda to a drug peddler a few months ago. But because of bad luck, Samuel forgot to take the money. Arriving there, Samuel calls Shauvik and asks for payment. Shauvik then pays through the rear card. Rear transactions with a drug peddler give the NCB a chance to catch their collar.

According to NCB sources, most of the drugs were spent on Sushant's account. Incidentally, Sushant's floor manager Samuel Miranda had money for the house. And with that money, Samuel would buy drugs. And this is also known from the leaked chat of Samuel and Shauvik. However, Samuel Miranda went on leave during the lockdown, while drug supply to drug peddlers in Mumbai was low, and for that reason Rear's brother Shauvik himself contacted the drug peddler.

Before the lockdown, Shauvik Basit, Zed and Kezan used to buy drugs from Ibrahim. Rhea and Shauvik themselves admitted that Rhea not only bought and used drugs, but also stockpiled drugs. And then NCB got the chat details of Shauvik. There Shauvik mentions Karmajit. That chat is on 10 October 2019 at 6:16 minutes. There Shauvik gave a reference to a man named Karmajit.

Raj @MJ's name is also found in Shawvik's chat. The man from whom Shauvik was chatting to buy drugs was asked to give a reference to a man named Suryadeep to talk to Shauvik Karmajit and Raj. This whole chat was 20 minutes long. Naman Aluwalia (Shauvik's friend) was in contact with many drug peddlers and gave Shauvik that link to buy drugs. This time NCB will interrogate Naman soon.


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