If need be, I will also fight for the country, the father of the martyrs who threatened China and Pakistan

Bangla Hunt Desk: Naib Subedar Shamsher Ali, a resident of Jhunjhun, Rajasthan, laid down his life to protect Mother India, his funeral was performed with royal honors on Friday. Naib Subedar Ali was stationed on the Indo-China border. After his son's funeral, Shamsher Ali's father, Salim Ali, said the soldier's religion is to do his best to defend his country. For this, even if they die, they don't have to care.

Salim Ali, the father of Shaheed Shamsher Ali of Hukumpura village in Jhunjhun and retired from the post of Naib Subedar of the Army, cheered the mother of India at the funeral of his son. He was supposed to have tears in his eyes when he said goodbye to his son, but instead of water, the fire of revenge was burning in his eyes. Let me inform you, Naib Subedar Salim Ali retired 23 years ago. But even though he is retired, he is always ready to fight against the enemies of the country. Let it be known that Naib Subedar Shamsher Ali received heroism on the Indo-China border in Arunachal Pradesh.

Salim Ali was saddened by the news of his son's heroism, but he was more responsible for the service of the country and the security of the country. “We all know what they are doing,” he said, referring to China and Pakistan. What is it that one of my sons has been martyred? My other son is still in the army and I will send the son of the martyred son to the army to defend the country.

“Our four generations are doing their duty to defend the country,” he said. My job and that of my family is to protect the country. We do not look back when someone points a finger at the country. “It's been 23 years since I retired, but I won't give up if I get the chance,” he said. “My son has sacrificed for the country,” he said. Martyrs never die, they become immortal. As long as this world exists, they will survive.

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