“I would have divided the Chinese troops in just 15 minutes,” Amit Shah said in response to Rahul Gandhi's remarks.

HomeHunt Desk: Home Minister Amit Shah has retaliated against Rahul Gandhi's remarks on neighboring China. A few days ago, Rahul Gandhi supported the Chinese army in the Indo-China conflict, saying that the Chinese army was stronger than the Indian army.

Rahul Gandhi's comment

Shortly after the incident, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi again said of the Ladakh conflict, “Chinese troops have taken over Indian territory, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a silent spectator.” If our government was in power, it would have sent Chinese troops to its border in just 15 minutes. It was meant to set foot on the Indian border.

Amit Shah's counter reply

Amati Shah countered Rahul Gandhi's remarks. Referring to the 1962 acquisition of Chinese land, the Home Minister said, “During the 1962 war, your great-grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister. Then why the 15-minute formula was not applied against China. He then said ‘Bye Bye Assam’. If that 15-minute formula had been applied then, India would not have lost a hectare of land.

Five-faced in praise of the troops of the 18th Bihar Regiment

Reacting to Rahul Gandhi's bizarre remarks, Home Minister Amit Shah praised the Army's 18 Bihar Regiment and said, “I am proud of the troops of the 18 Bihar Regiment. During this period the army has at least continued to fight to save the country’s soil. They have fought for the security of the country even in bad weather in the border areas.